How We Work

Many people have goals and dreams, but a goal without a plan is just a wish… an achievable goal is a dream with a deadline …

Here’s how we formulate the plan towards your goals:

Phase 1 – Initial Consultation with a qualified financial planner

About you – We will discuss your personal circumstances and your current financial situation. We’ll go into detail so that we can draw up a complete picture of where you are now, and where you want to arrive. We’ll ask about you, your occupation, your savings & investments, your mortgage, your current liabilities and your tax position, and we’ll explain how all of this information builds a profile which will help us to formulate your plan.Next we discuss your objectives and your aspirations, as well as any concerns that may arise. We’ll discuss risk and reward, and your attitude towards investment risk, as this feedback from you will enable us to construct an investment portfolio which is a major part of the plan. You’ll see as we move forward in our discussions how all this fits into place in your personal plan.

About us – We will explain the services that we have to offer
You can ask questions in order to understand our services
We will provide you with information about our charges

For this, you’ll need to set aside some time to talk to us – we will cover the cost of the first consultation.

Phase 2 – Analysis and Recommendations

Depending upon your instructions we can then carry out a detailed analysis of your current situation and future plans in order to create your Personal Financial Plan which maps out the journey to achieve your aspirations and goals.

Within this we will undertake detailed research and provide professional recommendations regarding your existing holdings – where they are good and where they need amending along with any new arrangements that may be required, in order to establish the best and most time-efficient route to get you there.

We will discuss your plan, working together to help you prioritise the order in which you deal with the elements within your Personal Financial Plan, ensuring that you take a balanced approach.

Phase 3 – Arrangement and Implementation

Having reached agreement we will now take the most important step of implementing your plan, handling all of the details with confirmation in writing of the actions taken on your behalf.

Phase 4 – On-going review and progress updates

Having taken the first steps along your Personal Financial Plan, it is of course important to regularly review your progress and your circumstances to enable you to clearly see progression towards reaching your financial goals, and for us to make any course adjustments that may be required.

Our on-going service has three separate categories linked to your journey through your Personal Financial Plan. As the value of your assets increases over time, so the complexity of your investments and opportunities for better and more tax efficient planning rise too. Additionally the majority of investments need to be reviewed regularly – as new opportunities arise, what was best for your circumstances at outset may not be the best later on.

All clients benefit from on-going access to your adviser and our support team via telephone, post or e-mail as well as receiving an annual statement of holdings.

The Eversley Group of companies comprise a unique business offering independent financial planning, legal services, accountancy service and later life planning under one umbrella/roof, instead of dealing with unrelated companies for each of these areas, our knowledge and understanding of your circumstances enable us to provide a seamless service across these different areas.

Level 1

Clients with more that £80,000 of assets invested through Eversley Estate Planners, can be assured that as well as access to your adviser and our support team via telephone and e-mail you will also have an annual face to face review where we will consider any changes to your circumstances, review your portfolio in relation to risk, asset allocation, fund choices and on-going suitability in addition to tax and estate planning. To ensure your Personal Financial Plan is truly holistic, we will also liaise with your accountant, legal or other professional advisers as and when appropriate. You will also benefit from subsidised access to Eversley Accountancy Services, Eversley Legal Services and Later Life Matters in addition to which our knowledge and understanding of your circumstances makes this a seamless service.

Level 2

With access to your adviser and our support team via telephone and e-mail you will also benefit from annual reviews alternating between face to face and telephone. At this meeting we will consider any changes to your circumstances, review your portfolio in relation to risk, asset allocation, fund choices and on-going suitability. This transitionary category is for clients with assets from £40,000 to less than £80,000 invested through Eversley Estate Planners.

Level 3

At the start of your journey, once your plan has been put in place, your needs are likely to be less complex. Therefore in addition to access to our support team via telephone, e-mail and post we provide you with regular statements relating to your investments. This level of service is designed for clients with assets invested through Eversley Estate Planners of less than £40,000.

There may be times in your life when your need for reviews is more frequent, for example when there are lots of changes in your life, in these circumstances you can choose either to opt into a higher level of service or cover the cost of these more frequent reviews on an ‘as and when’ basis.

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